Megalodon Teeth

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Megalodon stands for "Big Tooth". It is an extinct species of sharks, and probably the biggest predator that ever existed, reaching incredible lengths of 15 metres. Megalodons lived approximately 15.9 to 2.6 million years ago.

Heritage at Heart is the trusted source in Malta, Europe to buy authentic, certified, high quality stunning fossils and meteorites. Whether you are a passionate collector, looking for stunning centrepieces, or wanting to get a unique, stunning gift which truly lasts forever, you have come to the right place. Welcome!

Included with each fossil (excluding jewellery) is all you need to display the fossil specimen and turn it into a beautiful centrepiece for your home or office. Each fossil comes with:

  • a marble/resin base
  • engraved information on the base according to the fossil you choose
  • a magic display frame allowing 360 degree view of the fossil. The frame can safely be opened and closed again whenever you wish to hold the fossil! If the fossil is too big or heavy for the magic frame, it will come with a stand instead of frame.
  • all our fossils also come with an international authenticity certificate

P.S. We are NOT a drop-shipping business. We handpick all the fossils of our store, and all the fossils listed here are IN STOCK and ready to be delivered!

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