Our Story

Once upon a time in the quaint island of Malta, there lived a curious and imaginative 6-year-old boy called Jacob. Jacob was captivated by the mysteries of the past, especially the fascinating world of fossils. His backyard adventures often involved digging up rocks and stones, imagining them to be ancient dinosaur bones.

Jacob's parents noticed their son's growing passion for fossils. Instead of dismissing it as a childhood whim, they wanted to nurture Jacob's interest and decided to start a collection, a sort of mini-museum at home. Needless to say, Jacob was over the moon.

Jacob was growing up fast. On his birthdays and other special occasions, his relatives would ask him what he would like as a gift. He always wanted fossils to add to his collection. Fossils that he can hold, observe, admire, and research about. In order to have the fossils displayed nicely, his parents also started ordering custom engraved marble bases for each fossil, and made sure that the fossils were displayed in a way that does justice to their beauty.

Another little boy joined the family soon after. The two brothers bonded over their love for fossils, and soon it was the whole family that shared love and appreciation for the ancient world. It was then time to share their passion with others. They believed there were a lot more Jacobs out there, both kids and adults, who would discover a new love if only they are exposed to this natural wonder.

Together, they embarked on a journey that would eventually blossom into an online business, Heritage at Heart. The name has a two-fold meaning; it represents how we should love our heritage, and also puts forward the idea of giving fossils as gifts from the heart, as something that is truly unique, special and that remains forever. It can even be passed down generations.

The business grew steadily, both locally and internationally. Nowadays Heritage at Heart became more than just a business; it became a symbol of the family's commitment to fostering appreciation, curiosity and learning.

Through hard work, dedication, and a shared love for the wonders of the Earth's history, the family turned Jacob's childhood fascination into a thriving family business. Heritage at Heart not only showcased the beauty of ancient relics but also became a testament to the power of family bonds and the importance of nurturing the passions of the next generation.

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