Here are some FAQs. If you don't find what you're looking for, feel free to contact us!

1) What's so fascinating about fossils?

Well, where do we start? Fossils are usually discovered in sedimentary rocks. They are remains of ancient life, and were automatically preserved by nature. This process is quite rare; it is estimated that less than 1 to 10% of 1% of all species that have ever lived become fossils. By studying fossils we got to know about life on Earth that no longer exists, such as dinosaurs. We were also able to build an approximate timeline of ancient life on Earth. Finally, fossils are also studied to try and identify our ancestors! Remember, some of them are millions or even billions years old!

Fossils are an investment. If they are well cared for, they will stay in good condition for a very long period of time (after all, they already persisted for millions of years!). Their value is not deprecated.

2) And meteorites?

Meteorites are the most remarkable things on Earth and the only items people may own that are not from this planet. Most meteorites originated in the asteroid belt between Mars and Jupiter, while others may have traveled from even greater distances. Some meteorites are believed to contain materials that pre-date our solar system, making them the oldest items any human has ever touched. All items in our online store are guaranteed to be authentic and as described.

2) What is included with each specimen?

This depends on each individual product. Kindly read the product description for more info about the particular product you are interested in buying.

3) How will I know that my fossil and meteorites are authentic?

We only sell authentic pieces, that's a promise. Our suppliers are top-notch and trusted worldwide. The fossils and meteorites are analysed and classified by qualified professionals. To put your mind at rest, every fossil comes with an international certificate of authenticity.

4) Is owning a fossil/meteorite legal?

This heavily depends on the country. A lot of countries adopt the "finders-keepers" rule. This makes it possible for these lucky finders to keep, or sell these fossils. All our fossils are obtained within this context.

5) Do you have a physical shop?

For the time being, we are mostly an online business. We do have a couple of products at physical shops in Malta (Europe). However, we mainly operate on an online basis, delivering products locally as well as internationally.

6) How are pieces priced?

Specimen pricing depends on several factors, depending on the specimen. For example a megalodon tooth is priced depending on its size, where it was found, whether it is complete, the amount of enamel still present on it, etc. The price is also effected by other factors such as getting the fossil authenticated and dated by a paleontologist, and courier delivery to ensure safe and careful transit of the fossils. However, we feel that our fossils are very reasonably priced for the bundle that you get. Let us know if you find the same bundle, elsewhere, cheaper. We'll do our best to match the price! 

7) Where do the specimen come from?

Our specimen come from all over the world; England, France, Morocco, Madagascar, USA, Australia...It is stated explicitly in the product description where that particular fossil or meteorite was discovered.

8) Do you offer delivery?

Yes, all of our products are safely packed and delivered to your doorstep. Deliveries to Malta are free of charge and we'll do our best so that the product will be with you within 3 business days. For delivery to the rest of the World, delivery charges may apply, but these are very reasonable. We also provide you with a tracking number.

9) Can fossils/meteorites be handled?

Yes. Feeling the specimen's weight and texture is part of the experience that we all look forward to. For those fossils and meteorites that come in a frame, the frame can be carefully opened, and you will be able to carefully take the specimen out. All handling must be done very slowly and with great care, as any extra pressure on the specimen, or dropping it, can cause it to break apart. When ready, you can put it back safely into the frame or on the display mount. As much as possible it is advised to avoid excessive handling so that the specimen can also be enjoyed by generations to come.

10) Is it suitable for children?

A lot of children are fascinated by nature, and a lot of them have a big liking to dinosaurs and big sharks. However, it is suggested to avoid handling of fossils and specimen by children who don't really understand the importance of careful handling. They would still be able to observe the specimen and learn about the creature or location it once belonged to. This can be a very educational and enjoyable experience.