The Beauty of Fossils

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The beauty of fossils comes from the fact that they are a window to the earliest forms of life that existed on our planet Earth. We evolved from these ancestors! Fossilisation of bones, leaves and trees is actually a rare process; it needs very specific conditions to happen. Each fossil that we discover is unique, and contributes to solving a small part of a big puzzle.
Fossils also provide an insight to big events that happened on Earth millions of years ago, and thanks to them we now know that there were 5 mass extinction events in the Earth's history; the worst one being 250 million years ago.
Geologists (people who amongst other things, study rock formations) are also much interested in fossils. Since the oldest layers are at the bottom, and the youngest layers are at the top, the layer in which a fossil is found, together with its age estimation, provides them with invaluable information with regards to geological history.
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